Things change tomorrow


Things change tomorrow.

No, no explanation.
No, i didn’t make word count.
No, i did not take a picture.
I failed this blog, but i did one none the less.

PS: I’m watching Rick and Morty.




Sorry that i have been behind in posts but between studying, learning, prepping and just trying to get shit done,
I have had no time to blog about anything.
So, while i was studying i had Pandora on.
It’s an online music service that is suppose to interpret your music tastes and wants. It does a poor job.

Pandora puts up the Album cover of the artist up when the song plays on your computer, laptop or tablet.
I glance over when a song comes on to see what it is. This Group, Nappy Roots came on and the Album Cover caught my eye.
I was looking at the car on the cover and thought “Wait, hold on, i HAVE that car!” [in Hot Wheels form]

After digging through many boxes stored in various closets, i finally excavated the car. Short of the striping, it’s the same hooptie.

So i took a photo, included it with the blog and wala! Assignment complete! 😉

{ i know, i know, low word count, but I’m slammed with stuff and I’m just trying to get everyone’s assignments done}

Learning about Crowdfunding


Well, one of the year-long tasks on WordPress is to start a Crowd Funding Project. Granted it’s not an assignment that is due for another couple of tasks but i jumped ahead and did it anyway.
I Picked to start out. It looked easy, user friendly and seemed one of the most popular so off i went!

One of things i did not like about it was that they did not use PayPal. They use a service call “WePay”. I guess it’s different but hey, it’s 2014, time to be different.

I decided to Crowd Fund a project i am really interested and passionate in.
It an Auto Reclamation business.
I don’t know if any of you remember but last year around this time, Steve wanted to Buy a Miata, take out the necessary parts for his Miata to restore and upgrade and part out and list the rest of the parts on my eBay account.

I was a bit skeptical about this and thought about it for a while, but i figured if it did not work, i could pull the plug on it at any time.
The VERY FIRST DAY he had sales on the parts!
And the next and the next. I was shockingly surprised. Most of the car went in no time at all.

I was quite pleased on the success of that and when all was done i had asked him “Well, wanna try that again?” He was up for the challenge.
He acquired a late model BMW locally, brought it in and the results were the same. Out the door the parts went with minimal difficulty.
Shortly after that we came into a Jet Ski that was externally ruined and they just wanted the Jet Ski gone. The Hull was destroyed. We were at zero for the cost so we broke the Jet Ski down and once we got inside of it, the internal parts were in pristine condition for it’s age as the internal compartment is almost all sealed. We wound up getting over $1300 in usable parts!
So after pondering it and laying out the logistics of it, finance spreadsheets, Power Point presentations and methodology, we decided to do a spin-off and set up a company just for doing this.

Here is a link for the Crowd Source:

So now i have killed two birds with one stone.
I Crowd Sourced a company i am passionate in AND completed another WordPress assignment. =)

[i am suppose to take a photo of what ever i am writing about. I punked out and took a photo of what i was writing about. =) Also, i think i made word count this time! YAY!]

P.S. I don’t know what the HTML crap is that has recently formed on my blogs, apologies in advance.

 For WordPress




So…. i was getting scruffy. Really scruffy.
It was time to handle the Five O’clock shadow I’ve had since 10:30 Monday morning.

About half way through the process, i cut myself shaving.
This is something i have not done in over twenty five years.

Now, it’s not like i use some cheap single blade razor.
I have one of those “Five blade, vibrating, low battery warning light, has an app that updates, synchs to my smart phone, Internet Ready razor. Just like the ones they make fun of on the commercials.

After running thru the myriad of curse words from the sting of this happening, my next thought process was “Really?”

This cut bled like a stuck pig too.
Anyway, i was suppose to take a picture a day and write something about it. My morning pictures of it raining while the sun was out did not come out correctly, so i present you with my dumb-ass move of the day.

Sorry, i didn’t make that word quota…. i feel like a dumbass.


cut 2

Mc Old


I am suppose to shoot a photo a day and write or blog or comment on it.
This is not a new picture because it took a bit to extract it from my cell phone.
[not as tech savvy as i thought i was it seems] =P
I snapped this a couple of weeks ago when the online talking points were about how Working at McDonalds was for kids and you should only get kids wages there.

When i go to McDonalds i always see an older person or an elderly person working behind the counter. It’s never “Stoner Tommy” [well, because Stoner Tommy works at Taco Bell] but more and more people HAVE to work there because their are no real jobs that they can get.

I have to believe no one actually CHOOSES to work at a McDonalds….. It has to be like Jury Duty or you are training for management as part of their “Career Opportunities” they tout but the angry side of society claims does not exist there because McDonalds is where kids work to get experience.

None the less, here’s the picture i took of an [for lack of a better term] “Well aged Adult” working as a Hamburger Expediter. 



Winter is coming…… no, it’s here


For months now, on the blogosphere, Face Book, any place you can yadda yadda yadda, everyone has been complaining that winter has avoided Florida. You can see Weather Map after Weather Map and News Report after News Report of almost every region in near arctic conditions except the Sunshine State.Winter1

Today, Florida has joined the ranks of the freezing.
Granted, not the tundra that is engulfing the rest of the nation but as of today……. it’s cold! [not to mention windy as hell]

It will hit 32 degrees here tonight. I know a lot of people are WISHING they had 32 degree weather but 32 degrees here is like zero degrees anywhere else.
I bet with the Wind Chill Factor it will drop below thirty degrees by midnight.

Oddly though, YESTERDAY it was near eighty! We had the Air Conditioner on for a few hours because the inside temp hit eighty one degrees.

Enclosed is a photo of foliage already being killed off by the sudden and rapid temperature drop.
[Trying to work on my photo skills as well]

I keep hearing the promos from Game of Thrones….. “Winter is coming…… Winter is coming”
No, it’s here.