Winter is coming…… no, it’s here


For months now, on the blogosphere, Face Book, any place you can yadda yadda yadda, everyone has been complaining that winter has avoided Florida. You can see Weather Map after Weather Map and News Report after News Report of almost every region in near arctic conditions except the Sunshine State.Winter1

Today, Florida has joined the ranks of the freezing.
Granted, not the tundra that is engulfing the rest of the nation but as of today……. it’s cold! [not to mention windy as hell]

It will hit 32 degrees here tonight. I know a lot of people are WISHING they had 32 degree weather but 32 degrees here is like zero degrees anywhere else.
I bet with the Wind Chill Factor it will drop below thirty degrees by midnight.

Oddly though, YESTERDAY it was near eighty! We had the Air Conditioner on for a few hours because the inside temp hit eighty one degrees.

Enclosed is a photo of foliage already being killed off by the sudden and rapid temperature drop.
[Trying to work on my photo skills as well]

I keep hearing the promos from Game of Thrones….. “Winter is coming…… Winter is coming”
No, it’s here.


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