Mc Old


I am suppose to shoot a photo a day and write or blog or comment on it.
This is not a new picture because it took a bit to extract it from my cell phone.
[not as tech savvy as i thought i was it seems] =P
I snapped this a couple of weeks ago when the online talking points were about how Working at McDonalds was for kids and you should only get kids wages there.

When i go to McDonalds i always see an older person or an elderly person working behind the counter. It’s never “Stoner Tommy” [well, because Stoner Tommy works at Taco Bell] but more and more people HAVE to work there because their are no real jobs that they can get.

I have to believe no one actually CHOOSES to work at a McDonalds….. It has to be like Jury Duty or you are training for management as part of their “Career Opportunities” they tout but the angry side of society claims does not exist there because McDonalds is where kids work to get experience.

None the less, here’s the picture i took of an [for lack of a better term] “Well aged Adult” working as a Hamburger Expediter. 




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