So…. i was getting scruffy. Really scruffy.
It was time to handle the Five O’clock shadow I’ve had since 10:30 Monday morning.

About half way through the process, i cut myself shaving.
This is something i have not done in over twenty five years.

Now, it’s not like i use some cheap single blade razor.
I have one of those “Five blade, vibrating, low battery warning light, has an app that updates, synchs to my smart phone, Internet Ready razor. Just like the ones they make fun of on the commercials.

After running thru the myriad of curse words from the sting of this happening, my next thought process was “Really?”

This cut bled like a stuck pig too.
Anyway, i was suppose to take a picture a day and write something about it. My morning pictures of it raining while the sun was out did not come out correctly, so i present you with my dumb-ass move of the day.

Sorry, i didn’t make that word quota…. i feel like a dumbass.


cut 2


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