Sorry that i have been behind in posts but between studying, learning, prepping and just trying to get shit done,
I have had no time to blog about anything.
So, while i was studying i had Pandora on.
It’s an online music service that is suppose to interpret your music tastes and wants. It does a poor job.

Pandora puts up the Album cover of the artist up when the song plays on your computer, laptop or tablet.
I glance over when a song comes on to see what it is. This Group, Nappy Roots came on and the Album Cover caught my eye.
I was looking at the car on the cover and thought “Wait, hold on, i HAVE that car!” [in Hot Wheels form]

After digging through many boxes stored in various closets, i finally excavated the car. Short of the striping, it’s the same hooptie.

So i took a photo, included it with the blog and wala! Assignment complete! 😉

{ i know, i know, low word count, but I’m slammed with stuff and I’m just trying to get everyone’s assignments done}


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