NSA: Please read my blog


So it’s been a while since i wrote anything…… three weeks to be precise.
My life has changed recently. For the better? We’ll see.
There was a pile up on E-mails from Word Press on tasks, the bi-weekly “buy this template or skin”,
Yadda, yadda, Yadda….

One of the blogs featured was on how bloggers should write congressmen and senators and tell them
to tell the NSA NOT to read our blogs and how privacy is important and the such.
I’m putting out a general call to members of the NSA…. desk jockeys…. hell, the Janitor “PLEASE READ MY BLOG!”
I really want hits….. Tell your buddies in Langley too to take a peak! Spread the word!
Here, i’ll use some keywords to draw in Govt. traffic:
Snowden, Benghazi, Our leader is a Pot smoking, Bacon eating, Beer drinking, Muslim!

Anyway, watching this weird movie, The Revenant. Post more soon.