Global Fooling


Sigh….. back to another exciting episode of that same ol same ol…..

So….. i get up this morning, ready to hit the Ground running, get out the door and head down to St. Pete to get some things accomplished and lo and behold it gets dark. Real dark. Like it’s gonna hella rain dark.

When this usually happens my mind immediately goes to “Implement Plan B” and that means get the stuff that has to be done inside, done. So i fall back to the basics and get a load of dishes going, load of laundry going, get “movie de jour” downloading, fold up clothes from the previous wash and bunker down in front of the craptop and get some work done.

The dishwasher gets all the way to the drying part…. no rain…. Washer finishes… still no rain…. I toss everything into the dryer….. still no rain…… dishes done, dishwasher emptied…. dryer done, dryer emptied…. still no rain….. occasionally the sun peeks out in a “Fooled ya” manor and back to the grey.

The day continues to elapse and still not a drop of rain. grrr. altho i did get a lot of house work/paperwork completed. Joy. Going outside and getting some fresh air was what i really wanted to do. Thanks Global….. warming…..cooling…. climate change, whatever you want to call yourself this week. Keep up the good? work….

[I know i once again i did not hit my word count, but i keep trying]


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