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{Guess i can get away with the title because…… i’m Post! πŸ˜‰ }

Well…. this WordPress task is to write something about myself.
Most who read my blogs pretty much know about me, who i am, what i am about, etc.

Funny, i can blather on an on about things, but when directed to write about something specific i tend to lock up. I guess that would qualify as “something about me”.

It’s not a Soviet secret that i love food. Same can be said about tech. I believe that both have a common theme. I like to explore.
As a child, me and my late step-brother would explore everywhere. the forest, beaches, trails. We had to see where they lead.
The second i got a drivers license, i had to go see all the roads i had passed when i was in the passenger seat.

Food was slightly different. I had a sweet tooth [shock, i have diabetes these days =P ] So it was a lot harder for my step-mother to get me to eat anything that was not Meat and Potatoes, Pizza or desert. Thank god she never gave up on making me eat the foods i did not initially like because now i love most of the foods i hated as a child because exploring new foods is now another passion.
[Some family members are sure to think of the Green Beans Story of 1970] πŸ˜‰

When i was exposed to a computer back in the 80’s i was fascinated, when i had my own back in the early 90’s, it was on!
Like my Drivers License,Β  I had to see where this modem would take me. i had to see where i could go with it. Same with phones. When i was not using a modem to transport me, i was using phones to get into Alliance calls, VM’s, anywhere there was a destination.

I took to Diving the same way. Soon as i was certified and could go exploring without the shadow of an instructor i was checking everything out. Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Grottos, Pools!

So, here is my “Something about me” blog. I like to explore.
Even tho i am on the eve on living on this planet for a half of a century, i still like to explore. If not, i would not have my way here to WordPress to see what it is about and would not be writing this blog today.

Pats on my back….. made word count, found a good picture.
Mission accomplished.


Mary Alice would have got a chuckle on this pic.


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