It seems like it was yesterday…… or 20 years ago, i can’t remember which…


I can remember it like it was yesterday….. but it was twenty years ago today. and i have the pictures to prove it.

It was a cool Saturday mornning…… who am i kidding, AFTERNOON in march for Volusia County as we had a cold front roll in to the area.
I had just moved in with my friend, B.J. over in Daytona by the speedway. I was thinking “oh, thank god the 500 is over, no more traffic headache till July.”

My Uncle Carleton mailed me my first PC from up in Massachusetts, a solid steel Compaq Deskpro 286 with a 10GB MFM Hard Drive and a whopping 1meg of memory and a amber CGA Mono monitor.
[ We had aptly named it The DeskPig due to it’s weight and sluggish speed]


He had mailed it to my mothers so we had to go pick it up.
So we go over and i remember my mother was not having a clear moment and asks B.J. if he would come back wearing a turban.
Fortunately B.J. is a classy guy and plays along and tells her sure.
[This is where the who Jonny Quest and Hadji jokes evolved from]

So we hang with the mom for a bit, did some grub and then we headed back to the homestead.
Doomsie and the gang come over for the usual Saturday evening festivities.


After fumbling and assembling, the DeskPig did not work when we got it back so i went onto B.J.’s computer……[he was rocking the 486 DX50 which was pretty tight at the time] and decided to grab some news before Telnetting in.

There was this story about how the World Wide Web was blowing up and GUI browsing was going to be the thing. All i could think about that night was “geez, seriously? typing “WWW” and using a mouse to run the net? This will never fly. Not telnetting in? Sillyness”

[In Walter Cronkite voice]
“And that’s the way it was, Saturday March 12th, 1994”


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