Around [my part of] the world in 12 photos


So the next assignment is to take 12 photos [presumably that i shot] around the world, upload them and add a brief description.
Well, i am not as versed in traveling as my friend, Dave [who if not, has almost hit all four corners of the globe] but i have got around to some places.
[also presuming word count does not apply in this task]


1: Gambier Place, Lexington Park Maryland.
It’s the first place i can remember. My memory beyond that is subject to pictures that i have seen but have no natural recollection of the place/time.

Daytona Beach

2: International Speedway Drive, Daytona Beach Florida.
Spend a good deal of my early formative years here.
[for good or bad] This is a picture of Atlantic Sounds.
If you get a chance, drop in, look for Michael Toole and ask him if he can order “Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy” on cassette. Hopefully he will remember. =)


3: Kimball’s Ice Cream, Littleton Massachusetts.
Best Ice Cream around [at least at the time] We would go there Sundays to get Sundaes [see how i did that?] and it was the best that i have ever had.


4: The Quarries, Fitchburg Massachusetts.
Don’t know much to say about it, was just a cool place to explore back in the day.


5: Subway, Montreal Canada.
Dave and i went there once for New Years Eve. Probably the coolest first time adventure i went on when i went to Massachusetts. Going to Kellys for a Roast Beast sub was second, Going to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia was third.


6: Owls Head Transportation Museum, Owls Head Maine.
Went a few times as a kid, when my grandfather passed we donated his 1919 Essex to the museum. Cool place.


7: Hillsborough [RTP] North Carolina.
I went there kicking and screaming. “I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN ANDY AND BARNEY LAND!” Not long after i got there i found at the time it was RAINING technology! The BBQ was pretty damn good too! =P

Post_UnderRegiste Mississippi

8: Almost anywhere in Mississippi.
The IBM Gun-slinging days. John had got a huge contract all over Mississippi retooling all the registers for Winn Dixie and department stores. We had to get into some unusual places to do wiring.

Costa Rica

9: San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica.
I wound up living here for a few years. Until i bought the Isuzu, i walked to work. I stopped by here almost every morning for breakfast. Spoon, is a local chain of eateries and pastry shops. Real good eats.


10: Panama Canal, Free Trade Zone, Panama.
I went to Panama a few times, mostly to Panama City where my buddy Eddie moved to from Costa Rica. Decide once i should see the Canal and hit the Free Trade Zone to get some super cheap electronics [some were not so cheap, do homework first]


11: Las Vegas. [Bellagio Fountains]
First time i went with my buddy Dave. I went a few times after that for eBay conventions and Poker Tournaments. Always a blast but make sure you bring cash, it ain’t cheap here.


12: Pinellas County Florida. [This is in Oldsmar]
Been living pretty much here now. This was a pic i took a while ago where i had to paint a showroom from black to white. Thought i’d add a personal touch to it. 😉

I have been to and lived in many other places but these were the easiest pics to get and most had fond memories, so…..

Mission Accomplished…. even made word count! Rock on! =)


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