P.F. Changs


So this task is to do a Food Review.

I am reviewing P.F. Changs at the Countryside Mall in Clearwater.
I have eaten here a couple of times before but during the lunch crowd.
This time is was at dinner and it was quite a bit different.

Back hen we hit it at Lunch we were able to walk right in and there was not many people. The Food was good, price was reasonable and the wait staff was quite attentive.

When we had planned to go there for dinner the first thing was my uncle made a reservation. I thought this was odd, but i played along.

When we got there at 6:30 it was packed. about a dozen people were waiting with pagers to get seated. Some people declined taking a pager due to the 30 minute wait.

I had told the hostess that we had a 6:30 reservation and she said it would be just a few minutes as they had to clean out table.

About 10 minutes elapsed and a couple of pagers got seated and i asked a second hostess if i should grab a pager because it seems that if you have a pager you get seated faster than with a reservation.
We were seated right then and there.

My uncle arrived and our waiter brought us drinks and took out orders.
My uncle had said he had difficulty [something about customing orders, etc] at P.F. Changs before not getting what he wanted that he ordered, one being the Wonton Soup. The waiter overheard this and when he went to the bathroom the waiter and i collaborated on a prank saying there was issues getting the soup.

The main course took over an hour even after almost half the restaurant cleared out. Had we were not having such a good time we would have noticed that is was a hour for food.

The food was fantastic of course and we were comped a free desert for the food being late. Our waiter was a bit over chatty. I wasn’t sure if he was just stalling for time or if he was just new.

Overall i like P.F. Changs, Clean restaurant, tables, etc, they need to not try to cram as many people in it as possible during dinner, a bit pricy and maybe a bit faster on the food but for the most part it’s good. [oh, bigger egg rolls with some mustard-free sweet/sour sauce]

I give it a B+



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