It’s friggin steak, people!


Normally i usually just point and laugh with everyone else when Tea-Nutters get all wriled up and such but in this case they seem to be doing the right thing…… seems this rancher in Nevada has some cattle and GOD FORBID some of his cattle is hungry and eating some grass and weeds on unused, government land!
{Granted, some odd-ball turtles live around there but i doubt they are gonna be hurtin if some cows eat some weeds}
SO, instead of just letting this guy let our future dinners do some free lawn maintenance on this deserted space, the government had to roll in hard like Al-Quada is setting up the next catastrophe there.
{granted he owes something like a million in back taxes but where is the brain-juice in taking the ONLY thing this senior citizen [yes, he’s old] has to make money to pay off his back taxes}

So now all the poser militia’s, fake patriots and just any toothless putz with a 3-round burst are showing up to help defend this guys cattle and i have to say, finally, good for them! They are actually doing something that doesn’t make them look like cretins.

Now i know that a lot of my lib friends are gonna take issue with me on siding with this guy and the wacky extremists showing up but…. seriously? Cattle? Just trying to eat some grass? In the middle of fucking NOWHERE Nevada? Come on…. you are trying to tell me all other problems have been solved? This elderly guy is now at the top of the charts of criminal masterminds?

Even Nevada’s governor says this is bullshit.
Glad ALL crime in Vegas has been cleaned up.


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