Around [my] world in Ten Minutes


Sigh….. well, it seems very similar task as the 12 photos one but im behind on blogs and tasks so…..

1: Lowell Massachusetts, 1990.
Here i am in my condo in Lowell almost 25 years ago:
postie 1990

2: Daytona Beach Florida, 1992.
“The Gang” Me, B.J., Doomsie, Rob and Vogel:

3: Montreal Canada, 1994 i think?
Me at the Subway in Montreal:

4: New Hampshire, Near Concord, 1996.
We were driving up to see Dad in Louden:

5: Drew St. Clearwater FL, 2002.
One of many rain storms we had over the years:
Picture 002

6: Bradenton Beach FL, 2005.
Divemastering for a group of students:

7: Panama City, Panama, 2006.
Imagen 323

8: Playa Grande, Manzanillo, Costa Rica, 2007.
Loving my Truck with the Red Elvis bumper Sticker on it:

9: Bellagio, Las Vegas Nevada, 2010 i think?
One of the eBay conventions looking out of the hotel room window:
Picture 038

10: Renaissance Festival, Tampa Florida, 2011.
Me enjoying my Turkey Leg:
Picture 026

Didn’t make work count, but i thought it was a silly repeat assignment.



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