The Leftovers


No, i’m not talking about the upcoming HBO Series but i am talking about the people that are now being shunned by society.

As i watch the news today, Donald Sterling is getting grilled hard like he’s Paula Deen.
I’m not saying it’s so much undeserving but something that bothers me is that it really was a private conversation that was [still yet to be determined] somehow leaked out to the public.

Now when this happened, i was like “Oh hell yeah, this douche is gonna get lambasted for being a fucktard. Ha ha. Forty eight hours later he is stripped of all of his NBA whatever-he-had, has to sell his NBA team [for one hella profit, good punishment there NBA] and [this was funny] a two and a half million dollar fine.
[personally i would sell the team, give up my NBA clout and then tell the NBA to kiss my spotty white ass, come get that 2.5 mil]

The concern still goes back to the conversation. I have a friend who is racial biased, feels very similar to Sterling and his views are not gonna change much any time soon unless the Clippers themselves pull him out of burning wreckage while the Mexican Army came in as protection.

So i was thinking, “what if i had a similar phone call with him as Sterling did?” [Actually we have had a couple of phone calls of a similar nature] and for some perverse reason that call got out into the general public and he lost his job because of it?

Now he doesn’t have that old rich wrinkly white guy money like Sterling does [or many of the others in the news lately]…. he is a quarter century long hard working blue collar worker.
He’s rarely missed work, almost took all overtime or covered for others that would miss a shift and I’d bet any of his former employers would give him a near flawless, shiny review.

He just couldn’t live off of his petro-dollars. He would have to work. Work would be harder for him to get as being outed as a racist…..or bigot…. or whatever the label De-jour would be. Is that fair for him to be denied work because of how he feels about people of a different skin color or gender or age?

I’m concerned that this could trickle down to the common man. What do we do with the people who for some reason are outed for their thoughts and what they believe to be right or correct.
If they are fined, denied work or punished for their thoughts and are not allowed to gain employment, [and their is a LOT of people who think this way] what is to be done with them?



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