It seems like it was yesterday…… or 20 years ago, i can’t remember which…


I can remember it like it was yesterday….. but it was twenty years ago today. and i have the pictures to prove it.

It was a cool Saturday mornning…… who am i kidding, AFTERNOON in march for Volusia County as we had a cold front roll in to the area.
I had just moved in with my friend, B.J. over in Daytona by the speedway. I was thinking “oh, thank god the 500 is over, no more traffic headache till July.”

My Uncle Carleton mailed me my first PC from up in Massachusetts, a solid steel Compaq Deskpro 286 with a 10GB MFM Hard Drive and a whopping 1meg of memory and a amber CGA Mono monitor.
[ We had aptly named it The DeskPig due to it’s weight and sluggish speed]


He had mailed it to my mothers so we had to go pick it up.
So we go over and i remember my mother was not having a clear moment and asks B.J. if he would come back wearing a turban.
Fortunately B.J. is a classy guy and plays along and tells her sure.
[This is where the who Jonny Quest and Hadji jokes evolved from]

So we hang with the mom for a bit, did some grub and then we headed back to the homestead.
Doomsie and the gang come over for the usual Saturday evening festivities.


After fumbling and assembling, the DeskPig did not work when we got it back so i went onto B.J.’s computer……[he was rocking the 486 DX50 which was pretty tight at the time] and decided to grab some news before Telnetting in.

There was this story about how the World Wide Web was blowing up and GUI browsing was going to be the thing. All i could think about that night was “geez, seriously? typing “WWW” and using a mouse to run the net? This will never fly. Not telnetting in? Sillyness”

[In Walter Cronkite voice]
“And that’s the way it was, Saturday March 12th, 1994”


Why cant my 21 lb Grumpy Cat find missing Malaysian Flight MH370, Stop Bridge Scandles or fix eBay?


I guess twenty first century news is just the National Enquirer of the 20th century. Lately it’s just been stacks upon stacks of either bizarre or the idiotic.

We start out with what i heard on the radio the other day when i was out and about accomplishing tasks.
A 911 call was released about how a family was held hostage, Pet Cemetery-style in their bedroom by a 21 pound Grumpy Cat.
You know what i’m talking about….. that silly looking angry cat that crops up on face book more than an episode of Duck Dynasty or Honey Boo-boo.

Apperently this cat gave the baby a smack for [what i assume] pulling it’s tail or some other annoying thing baby initiated.
Grumpy cat was not having it, and some how rustled the entire family into the bedroom and held them hostage until it’s feline demands were met.

The closeted effimine husband [a X-File on how he procreated] instead of finding an empty laundry basket, blanket, sheet, container of water, poorly designed gaudy IKEA crate or any simple way to detain his pawed captor decided to call 911 in a desperate plea for help. This became national news.

During this time a rather large Jetliner, fully fulled and filled with people with Cellphones and Tablets disappeared as effectively as a Chris Angel stunt and has not been seen or heard from for days now.

Another astounding X-File as great as the guy with the abundant amount of XX Chromosomes, this one is a stunner as well.
In this day and age, having a Jumbo Jet just up and disappear is about as realistic as bi-partisan government.

eBay….. where do i begin….. It is difficult for me not to be biased when speaking about them…. unless it is in a negative light lately, then i can can be point blank. Over the last two years they have really been shafting it to the sellers with sketchy search engine modifications, letting buyers run rampant, pushing the call centers to Syria all to get that stock up another eight of a point.

The other day it was news that John Donahue, in essence took a 50+% pay cut. At the same time, the Spring updates were released with more saddening news [at least for sellers]
The stock dropped two points over the last week. =\

To full circle this…… BRIDGE SCANDAL! Yes, this dead horse is STILL being beaten. if it can last two more weeks, you can legally call it Benghazi!

Grumpy Cat….. Let those suburban hostages go and go find jumbo jet planes, clogged bridges and slumping stock prices!

Grumpy Cat

Add New Post


{Guess i can get away with the title because…… i’m Post! 😉 }

Well…. this WordPress task is to write something about myself.
Most who read my blogs pretty much know about me, who i am, what i am about, etc.

Funny, i can blather on an on about things, but when directed to write about something specific i tend to lock up. I guess that would qualify as “something about me”.

It’s not a Soviet secret that i love food. Same can be said about tech. I believe that both have a common theme. I like to explore.
As a child, me and my late step-brother would explore everywhere. the forest, beaches, trails. We had to see where they lead.
The second i got a drivers license, i had to go see all the roads i had passed when i was in the passenger seat.

Food was slightly different. I had a sweet tooth [shock, i have diabetes these days =P ] So it was a lot harder for my step-mother to get me to eat anything that was not Meat and Potatoes, Pizza or desert. Thank god she never gave up on making me eat the foods i did not initially like because now i love most of the foods i hated as a child because exploring new foods is now another passion.
[Some family members are sure to think of the Green Beans Story of 1970] 😉

When i was exposed to a computer back in the 80’s i was fascinated, when i had my own back in the early 90’s, it was on!
Like my Drivers License,  I had to see where this modem would take me. i had to see where i could go with it. Same with phones. When i was not using a modem to transport me, i was using phones to get into Alliance calls, VM’s, anywhere there was a destination.

I took to Diving the same way. Soon as i was certified and could go exploring without the shadow of an instructor i was checking everything out. Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Grottos, Pools!

So, here is my “Something about me” blog. I like to explore.
Even tho i am on the eve on living on this planet for a half of a century, i still like to explore. If not, i would not have my way here to WordPress to see what it is about and would not be writing this blog today.

Pats on my back….. made word count, found a good picture.
Mission accomplished.


Mary Alice would have got a chuckle on this pic.

Global Fooling


Sigh….. back to another exciting episode of that same ol same ol…..

So….. i get up this morning, ready to hit the Ground running, get out the door and head down to St. Pete to get some things accomplished and lo and behold it gets dark. Real dark. Like it’s gonna hella rain dark.

When this usually happens my mind immediately goes to “Implement Plan B” and that means get the stuff that has to be done inside, done. So i fall back to the basics and get a load of dishes going, load of laundry going, get “movie de jour” downloading, fold up clothes from the previous wash and bunker down in front of the craptop and get some work done.

The dishwasher gets all the way to the drying part…. no rain…. Washer finishes… still no rain…. I toss everything into the dryer….. still no rain…… dishes done, dishwasher emptied…. dryer done, dryer emptied…. still no rain….. occasionally the sun peeks out in a “Fooled ya” manor and back to the grey.

The day continues to elapse and still not a drop of rain. grrr. altho i did get a lot of house work/paperwork completed. Joy. Going outside and getting some fresh air was what i really wanted to do. Thanks Global….. warming…..cooling…. climate change, whatever you want to call yourself this week. Keep up the good? work….

[I know i once again i did not hit my word count, but i keep trying]

NSA: Please read my blog


So it’s been a while since i wrote anything…… three weeks to be precise.
My life has changed recently. For the better? We’ll see.
There was a pile up on E-mails from Word Press on tasks, the bi-weekly “buy this template or skin”,
Yadda, yadda, Yadda….

One of the blogs featured was on how bloggers should write congressmen and senators and tell them
to tell the NSA NOT to read our blogs and how privacy is important and the such.
I’m putting out a general call to members of the NSA…. desk jockeys…. hell, the Janitor “PLEASE READ MY BLOG!”
I really want hits….. Tell your buddies in Langley too to take a peak! Spread the word!
Here, i’ll use some keywords to draw in Govt. traffic:
Snowden, Benghazi, Our leader is a Pot smoking, Bacon eating, Beer drinking, Muslim!

Anyway, watching this weird movie, The Revenant. Post more soon.


Things change tomorrow


Things change tomorrow.

No, no explanation.
No, i didn’t make word count.
No, i did not take a picture.
I failed this blog, but i did one none the less.

PS: I’m watching Rick and Morty.