The Leftovers


No, i’m not talking about the upcoming HBO Series but i am talking about the people that are now being shunned by society.

As i watch the news today, Donald Sterling is getting grilled hard like he’s Paula Deen.
I’m not saying it’s so much undeserving but something that bothers me is that it really was a private conversation that was [still yet to be determined] somehow leaked out to the public.

Now when this happened, i was like “Oh hell yeah, this douche is gonna get lambasted for being a fucktard. Ha ha. Forty eight hours later he is stripped of all of his NBA whatever-he-had, has to sell his NBA team [for one hella profit, good punishment there NBA] and [this was funny] a two and a half million dollar fine.
[personally i would sell the team, give up my NBA clout and then tell the NBA to kiss my spotty white ass, come get that 2.5 mil]

The concern still goes back to the conversation. I have a friend who is racial biased, feels very similar to Sterling and his views are not gonna change much any time soon unless the Clippers themselves pull him out of burning wreckage while the Mexican Army came in as protection.

So i was thinking, “what if i had a similar phone call with him as Sterling did?” [Actually we have had a couple of phone calls of a similar nature] and for some perverse reason that call got out into the general public and he lost his job because of it?

Now he doesn’t have that old rich wrinkly white guy money like Sterling does [or many of the others in the news lately]…. he is a quarter century long hard working blue collar worker.
He’s rarely missed work, almost took all overtime or covered for others that would miss a shift and I’d bet any of his former employers would give him a near flawless, shiny review.

He just couldn’t live off of his petro-dollars. He would have to work. Work would be harder for him to get as being outed as a racist…..or bigot…. or whatever the label De-jour would be. Is that fair for him to be denied work because of how he feels about people of a different skin color or gender or age?

I’m concerned that this could trickle down to the common man. What do we do with the people who for some reason are outed for their thoughts and what they believe to be right or correct.
If they are fined, denied work or punished for their thoughts and are not allowed to gain employment, [and their is a LOT of people who think this way] what is to be done with them?



Around [my] world in Ten Minutes


Sigh….. well, it seems very similar task as the 12 photos one but im behind on blogs and tasks so…..

1: Lowell Massachusetts, 1990.
Here i am in my condo in Lowell almost 25 years ago:
postie 1990

2: Daytona Beach Florida, 1992.
“The Gang” Me, B.J., Doomsie, Rob and Vogel:

3: Montreal Canada, 1994 i think?
Me at the Subway in Montreal:

4: New Hampshire, Near Concord, 1996.
We were driving up to see Dad in Louden:

5: Drew St. Clearwater FL, 2002.
One of many rain storms we had over the years:
Picture 002

6: Bradenton Beach FL, 2005.
Divemastering for a group of students:

7: Panama City, Panama, 2006.
Imagen 323

8: Playa Grande, Manzanillo, Costa Rica, 2007.
Loving my Truck with the Red Elvis bumper Sticker on it:

9: Bellagio, Las Vegas Nevada, 2010 i think?
One of the eBay conventions looking out of the hotel room window:
Picture 038

10: Renaissance Festival, Tampa Florida, 2011.
Me enjoying my Turkey Leg:
Picture 026

Didn’t make work count, but i thought it was a silly repeat assignment.


It’s friggin steak, people!


Normally i usually just point and laugh with everyone else when Tea-Nutters get all wriled up and such but in this case they seem to be doing the right thing…… seems this rancher in Nevada has some cattle and GOD FORBID some of his cattle is hungry and eating some grass and weeds on unused, government land!
{Granted, some odd-ball turtles live around there but i doubt they are gonna be hurtin if some cows eat some weeds}
SO, instead of just letting this guy let our future dinners do some free lawn maintenance on this deserted space, the government had to roll in hard like Al-Quada is setting up the next catastrophe there.
{granted he owes something like a million in back taxes but where is the brain-juice in taking the ONLY thing this senior citizen [yes, he’s old] has to make money to pay off his back taxes}

So now all the poser militia’s, fake patriots and just any toothless putz with a 3-round burst are showing up to help defend this guys cattle and i have to say, finally, good for them! They are actually doing something that doesn’t make them look like cretins.

Now i know that a lot of my lib friends are gonna take issue with me on siding with this guy and the wacky extremists showing up but…. seriously? Cattle? Just trying to eat some grass? In the middle of fucking NOWHERE Nevada? Come on…. you are trying to tell me all other problems have been solved? This elderly guy is now at the top of the charts of criminal masterminds?

Even Nevada’s governor says this is bullshit.
Glad ALL crime in Vegas has been cleaned up.

P.F. Changs


So this task is to do a Food Review.

I am reviewing P.F. Changs at the Countryside Mall in Clearwater.
I have eaten here a couple of times before but during the lunch crowd.
This time is was at dinner and it was quite a bit different.

Back hen we hit it at Lunch we were able to walk right in and there was not many people. The Food was good, price was reasonable and the wait staff was quite attentive.

When we had planned to go there for dinner the first thing was my uncle made a reservation. I thought this was odd, but i played along.

When we got there at 6:30 it was packed. about a dozen people were waiting with pagers to get seated. Some people declined taking a pager due to the 30 minute wait.

I had told the hostess that we had a 6:30 reservation and she said it would be just a few minutes as they had to clean out table.

About 10 minutes elapsed and a couple of pagers got seated and i asked a second hostess if i should grab a pager because it seems that if you have a pager you get seated faster than with a reservation.
We were seated right then and there.

My uncle arrived and our waiter brought us drinks and took out orders.
My uncle had said he had difficulty [something about customing orders, etc] at P.F. Changs before not getting what he wanted that he ordered, one being the Wonton Soup. The waiter overheard this and when he went to the bathroom the waiter and i collaborated on a prank saying there was issues getting the soup.

The main course took over an hour even after almost half the restaurant cleared out. Had we were not having such a good time we would have noticed that is was a hour for food.

The food was fantastic of course and we were comped a free desert for the food being late. Our waiter was a bit over chatty. I wasn’t sure if he was just stalling for time or if he was just new.

Overall i like P.F. Changs, Clean restaurant, tables, etc, they need to not try to cram as many people in it as possible during dinner, a bit pricy and maybe a bit faster on the food but for the most part it’s good. [oh, bigger egg rolls with some mustard-free sweet/sour sauce]

I give it a B+


I will be killed as soon as a working Time Machine is invented


I know the task at hand was to write about something St Patrick’s Day, but having a German boy like my write about that would be like the CEO of McDonald’s writing about healthy eating…..

Now i have been taking into consideration that it’s been a nasty, stormy day….. barometric pressure has been bouncing up and down, Toothache and my meds are messing with me today so i am a tad manic but things i have been seeing have me in a state.

All this week all I have been seeing are social media, eCommerce and computer companies are just taking diarrhetics, washing it down with refried beans and Pepsi, pooping it into a bag and calling it “Updates” or Discontinue of Support.

I know what you are thinking. “When is the Time Machine gonna kill you?” or “Why will a Time Machine kill you?”
I guess i should elaborate.  It wont be an actual Time Machine per say but it will be a bullet from an assassin. Because soon as a working one is built, ima gonna get in it and go back and fix some things. Things that corporations will not like. My money is on either Facebook, Microsoft or eBay. Twitter or some of these other useless things aren’t large enuf to have a “this situation has to be solved “off-book” divisions”.

I don’t know exactly how it’s gonna happen….. weather it’s a Phone Box or a Silver Sports car with a Mr Coffee Glued to the back of it or a Tunnel with a 60’s look to it or a Hot Tub or a Quantum accelerator or strip naked and get into a clear spiral but the second i try to approach one it’s almost a certainty i will feel some hot lead rip thru my flesh.
If the corporate assassin is good it will be a quick head shot.
[at least that’s what i am hoping for] Because if not, god help everyone if i get into one and press the “Start Button”

I know, i know…. “What would you do that is so bad that someone would have to drop a round into you to stop you from doing it?”
OH, for starters, i would end Twitter. Yup, sorry bored housewives that found a neat alternative from cheating on your husbands…. sorry Bi-sexual tweakers and random trend-followers, Twitter gets wiped.
IRC and MIRC will get the heads up that someone soon is going to come along, steal your idea, paint it pink, put pretty flowers and birds on it and make millions off of something that does nothing.

Actually i would go back a bit further first…… i would register or copyright or whatever it is to have sole ownership to the word “Hash-tag”. “#” is POUND SIGN….. not Hash-tag….if i could find a legal way to make people disappear like they were on a Malaysian Flight for using the word “Hash-tag” i would. Owning the rights is the weakest second way i can think of to squash that stupid word.

Once i got rid of two imbecile ideas in history i would drop every dime into eBay. Yup, i would find a way to have controlling interest in it. i would let history unfold pretty much the same way up until the point where it started to go sour. then i would unload the word that would not let it turn into the 112th Congress that it is now. That word is “NO”.  The Voices Program would be much larger and diverse than it is now. The sellers program would be as level as the buyers program and anyone who use the word “Cassini” would mysteriously wind up on the side of a milk carton.
I could go on and on, but depending on the mode of Time Travel i would have notes.

Going back even further….. Would have controlling interest in Microsoft. Millennium would never happened. Vista would never have happened, XP would still have updates and their probably would be no service pack 3’s because releases would have to be tested better……. i’d let 98’s service packs slide and then use as a cautionary tale that 2K, XP and 7 will never need those unless your doctor advises that Unemployment is right for you.

I know…. i can smell it…. you are thinking again….
“But Post, if you do all these changes, we won’t be where we are at right now!”
Which is the point…… if you go hiking and you wandered off the trail into a sticker bush and thorn bushes and you have to go back to get on the nice, clean trail, wouldn’t you?

Put a hot tub in it and we are good to go!

Around [my part of] the world in 12 photos


So the next assignment is to take 12 photos [presumably that i shot] around the world, upload them and add a brief description.
Well, i am not as versed in traveling as my friend, Dave [who if not, has almost hit all four corners of the globe] but i have got around to some places.
[also presuming word count does not apply in this task]


1: Gambier Place, Lexington Park Maryland.
It’s the first place i can remember. My memory beyond that is subject to pictures that i have seen but have no natural recollection of the place/time.

Daytona Beach

2: International Speedway Drive, Daytona Beach Florida.
Spend a good deal of my early formative years here.
[for good or bad] This is a picture of Atlantic Sounds.
If you get a chance, drop in, look for Michael Toole and ask him if he can order “Jim Carroll Band Catholic Boy” on cassette. Hopefully he will remember. =)


3: Kimball’s Ice Cream, Littleton Massachusetts.
Best Ice Cream around [at least at the time] We would go there Sundays to get Sundaes [see how i did that?] and it was the best that i have ever had.


4: The Quarries, Fitchburg Massachusetts.
Don’t know much to say about it, was just a cool place to explore back in the day.


5: Subway, Montreal Canada.
Dave and i went there once for New Years Eve. Probably the coolest first time adventure i went on when i went to Massachusetts. Going to Kellys for a Roast Beast sub was second, Going to Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia was third.


6: Owls Head Transportation Museum, Owls Head Maine.
Went a few times as a kid, when my grandfather passed we donated his 1919 Essex to the museum. Cool place.


7: Hillsborough [RTP] North Carolina.
I went there kicking and screaming. “I DON’T WANT TO LIVE IN ANDY AND BARNEY LAND!” Not long after i got there i found at the time it was RAINING technology! The BBQ was pretty damn good too! =P

Post_UnderRegiste Mississippi

8: Almost anywhere in Mississippi.
The IBM Gun-slinging days. John had got a huge contract all over Mississippi retooling all the registers for Winn Dixie and department stores. We had to get into some unusual places to do wiring.

Costa Rica

9: San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica.
I wound up living here for a few years. Until i bought the Isuzu, i walked to work. I stopped by here almost every morning for breakfast. Spoon, is a local chain of eateries and pastry shops. Real good eats.


10: Panama Canal, Free Trade Zone, Panama.
I went to Panama a few times, mostly to Panama City where my buddy Eddie moved to from Costa Rica. Decide once i should see the Canal and hit the Free Trade Zone to get some super cheap electronics [some were not so cheap, do homework first]


11: Las Vegas. [Bellagio Fountains]
First time i went with my buddy Dave. I went a few times after that for eBay conventions and Poker Tournaments. Always a blast but make sure you bring cash, it ain’t cheap here.


12: Pinellas County Florida. [This is in Oldsmar]
Been living pretty much here now. This was a pic i took a while ago where i had to paint a showroom from black to white. Thought i’d add a personal touch to it. 😉

I have been to and lived in many other places but these were the easiest pics to get and most had fond memories, so…..

Mission Accomplished…. even made word count! Rock on! =)